Why Cozmix?

Cozmix is unique because our technology enables us to carry out deep, accurate analysis faster than anyone else.  This means that you get the answers you need so you can stay on top of the issues and manage your sales force in a timely, deliberate and confident manner.

Of course, we also have twenty plus years of global experience (having carried out projects in 37 countries) and we provide excellent customer service.  However, others do this too – it’s a given for this type of industry.

So let’s go through the elements which make us truly unique:

Technology – We Have The Best Mousetrap:Sales Force Sizing Software

Cozmix has created a suite of tools which are truly unique.  They work together to make the whole sales force analysis process flow smoothly. Even tasks which are often mind-numbingly tedious (for example data collection) are much easier and less time consuming using Cozmix’ technology.  We use our software on consulting engagements so we’ve implemented every time-saving and ease-of-use feature we can think of for our own benefit (and yours).  Ask for a demo today.

Here is a quick overview.  CallMix is used to analyze the current sales force structure and design a new sales force configuration.  It has been designed to be super flexible and can handle the most complex of sales forces.  SizeMix is Cozmix’ optimization engine.  It can quickly and easily tell you which products should receive more or less selling time as well as the optimal team size for your sales force.  SizeMix backs all of this analysis up with full financial details presented using high-impact graphics and interactive tables.   Finally, AlignMix is used to design sales territories.  Its easy to use drag and drop interface provides instant feedback about the impact of territory changes.

Sales Force Sizing ChartQuality & Depth of Analysis:

The reason our analysis is deeper than any of our competitors is due to our technology.  One of our aims has been to automate even the most complex sales force analysis.  Over time this automation has lead to deep analysis being carried out at the press of a button.  For example, SizeMix can instantly show the relationship between sales rep cost and optimum sales force size (based on the optimization criteria).  In other sales force analysis systems (e.g. Excel based systems) this type of deep analysis is simply not possible.  And there is more – SizeMix has a whole range of unique analyses available at the push of a button. Contact Cozmix and see for yourself. 

Project Turnaround Speed:Fast Answers to Sales Force Optimization Questions

When you need answers, you need them fast.  Cozmix’ software has been designed to serve up deep analysis almost instantly.  As a result, we can guarantee to deliver the fastest project turnaround (and that’s not analysis-lite, that’s full in-depth analysis).  This is not the case with other companies and systems which have been designed by big consultancies (hint: big consultancies are usually more interested in keeping people billed busy, than providing answers as quick as possible).

Business Flexibility:

Do you like to have capabilities in-house or do you want to buy-in expertise when you need it?  Either way, we can support you.  If you want to carry out your own sales force analysis and optimization we can provide the tools and the training.  Or we can manage and run the project and you can leverage our global sales force experience.  Either way is fine – call us today and discuss how you would like to work to improve your sales force strategy.

Sale Force Sizing GuaranteeROI Guarantee:

We’re 100% confident that you will achieve significant returns by using and applying our tools and methodologies.  In fact, we are so confident, that we offer a ten-times-ROI guarantee.  Nobody else in the industry offers this.  If our solution doesn’t provide ten times as much value as the cost then we will give you a full refund.  We do this for two reasons:

  • It provides you with 100% peace of mind
  • It makes us better!

Call us today (+1-321-251-1300) or complete the form below to arrange a no-obligation chat about your sales force challenges and how we can help you address them.

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