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SFO-vs-SFE-Paper-VisualSales Force Optimization vs. Sales Force Effectiveness

This white paper makes a clear distinction between Sales Force Optimization (SFO) and Sales Force Effectiveness (SFE). It presents evidence that SFO projects deliver a high ROI than SFE projects, and that most companies are under-investing in SFO. Finally it looks at the necessary condition for successful SFO projects.

Find out:

  • The key difference between Sales Force Optimization and Sales Force Effectiveness
  • Evidence that Sales Force Optimization initiatives deliver a higher ROI
  • How SFE and SFO interact with corporate strategy
  • The number one factor in determining the success of a Sales Force Optimization project (miss this and your chances of success are greatly reduced)
  • Essential skill required to run a successful Sales Force Optimization Project
  • The best time to start a Sales Force Optimization project

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