SizeMix Sales Force Size

SizeMix’ optimization capabilities show you exactly how the sales force should be allocating their selling time. This illustrates how you can make more profit (or sales) with your current level of resources.

All of SizeMix’ calculations and recommendations are backed-up with a full set of financials showing the impact on sales and product contribution.  As products and markets change you can quickly update the assumptions and have high quality analysis on which to base your decisions.

SizeMix Sales Force SizingFind the Optimal Size for Your Sales Force

Are you looking to increase your sales force or are you under pressure to cut the sales force?  Whatever your situation might be, it is not wise to simply guess the right size.  Use SizeMix’ sales force sizing engine to pinpoint the right size for your business.  SizeMix will recommend a team size based on your decision parameters.  The recommendation will be backed up with a full set of financials to show the impact on each product’s sales and profitability.  This gives you the information that you need to manage the sales force size with facts and analysis.

Sales Response Function Expert

Sales Response FunctionSizeMix guides you through the whole process of creating a sales response function and defining the sales carryover.  The Response Function Expert challenges the user to think though the critical issues which will determine the sales carryover and upside potential.  The system has been customized for different industries.

If you do not like the sales response function you can always ignore its advice or make changes to the recommended curve!

Industry Specific Versions

SizeMix comes in a variety of different versions, each one customized for different industries.  Currently the following versions are available:

  • SizeMix for Pharmaceuticals
  • SizeMix for Over-The-Counter
  • SizeMix for Companion Animal Health
  • SizeMix for Farm Animal Health
  • SizeMix for Vision Care

Each version is customized to the specific industry.

Sales Force Sizing High Impact GraphicsHigh Impact Graphics

All of SizeMix’ analysis is presented using high impact graphics (70% of people prefer to consume analysis in a graphical form).  All charts and tables can be exported to PowerPoint, Excel or any other graphics package.  This is important as it makes the task of communicating the results much easier.

Sales Force Size & Optimization SimulatorCreate Dynamic Simulations of Your Sales Force

SizeMix can create a dynamic simulation of any scenario which can be viewed by anyone with Microsoft Excel.  With the simulator anyone can change the input assumptions and the dynamic model will calculate the impact on sales and product contribution.  This has many advantages.  It means the mathematics behind all of the modeling are plain for everyone to see (i.e. SizeMix isn’t a “black box”).  In addition, it is a great way to distribute the results of the  modeling – everyone can test out their own theories even if they don’t have SizeMix installed on their machine.

Sensitivity Analysis

SizeMix’ sensitivity analysis shows the impact of changes to key model inputs.  This is an essential stage in the process as it enables you to assess how robust the recommendations are (i.e. will one small change to the assumptions significantly change the recommendations).  In addition, it builds confidence in the final recommendations and enables you to make bold statements such as, “even if the incremental responsiveness is reduced by 30% we will still achieve a good return on the additional sales reps”.

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