Sales Territory Design

Let Cozmix design your sales territories. Our experienced Sales Territory Design consultants can create compact, balanced sales territories that reflect your corporate strategy and which your sales force will love. We use AlignMix, our geographic information system to manage the whole process.

Benefits of a Good Sales Territory Alignment

A bad sales territory alignment kills sales force productivity. Sales reps waste valuable selling time by traveling around their territory instead of making calls. In contrast, a good sales sales territory alignment will provide the following benefits:

  1. Maximize selling time and minimize drive time
  2. Better sales force morale due to the more even distribution of workload and sales potential
  3. Improved customer coverage

These benefits result in more sales. Northwestern University estimates the potential three year improvement in sales due to an improved sales territory alignment is up to 15% – depending upon the initial state of the alignment.

Creating a Good Sales Force Alignment is Not Trivial

Imagine you had twenty accounts and five sales reps. How many ways can you allocate the accounts to the reps (assume each rep has four accounts). The answer is surprisingly large. There are over 300 billion ways of allocating twenty accounts to five reps!

Anyone who has managed a sales force will also tell you that making changes to the alignment can quickly get messy. The difficulty arises due to the knock-on effect of a change to one territory impacting another. As a result of these complications Cozmix recommends a systematic process driven approach to sales territory design.

Sales Territory Design Process

Cozmix has developed sales territory alignment for clients in the US, Europe and Australasia. Our six-step approach delivers sales territory alignments which match your customer and product goals (and which the sales force will love). Here are the key steps:

  1. Kickoff & Process Design
  2. Data Collection
  3. Alignment Audit
  4. Optimization & Preliminary Sales Territory Design
  5. Fine Tuning Workshop
  6. Handover & Rollout

Cozmix uses AlignMix throughout the sales territory design process. AlignMix is Cozmix’ geographic information system that has been specifically designed for the task of sales territory design.