What is a Sales Force Alignment?

Assigning sales reps to accounts is easy. In fact, a sales manager with four reps and 20 accounts in a given area could have more than 1-trillion possible assignment combinations to choose from. As earlier said, assigning reps to accounts is easy. But structuring them in the most efficient alignment possible is another thing altogether.

So, how do you exactly create an optimal, efficient, and profitable sales alignment? Enter: sales territory alignment tools. These programs are the best way to efficiently balance and create new sales alignment territories.

In the old days, creating sales territories involved a map and a set of colored pencils. Managers had to draw and re-draw possible alignments without instant indicators for workload, sales, and sales potential. This has all been changed with computers and GIS technology.

We are now able to pinpoint exact account locations on a digital map. Not to mention, territories can be custom-designed to meet a specific balance of pre-established criteria. For more information about our recommended criteria, please refer to the post about Balancing Accounts.

A newly redesigned sales territory alignment can produce additional sales ranging from 5-50%. At Cozmix, we recommend evaluating and redesigning your sales territories every two to three years.

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