Defining a sales call

It could be as casual as a visit or as formal as a meeting—but what exactly is a call?


What is a sales call? If you ask this question to five sales reps, they will typically give you five different answers. Therein lays the problem. With different definitions, you will not be able to uniformly measure calls in a sales force. This is exactly why you need a universal definition of a ‘call.’

First of all, a call can be different things for different organizations. In its simplest definition, a call is a meaningful interaction or connection with a client that influences buying habits. As you may notice, the definition is not framed by time nor is it tied to any number of products. As outlined, it is the simplest possible definition.

The next step is to set parameters for this interaction, and this is where most differences stem from. For instance, if you hold a group meeting for 10 clients to detail products—does this count as 10 calls already? Another example would be if a client visits the office to talk to his preferred sales rep. Does this count as one call?

These are things managers and sales reps need to discuss to ensure that the entire organization is on the same page.

The sales force needs to consider many situations as it crafts a universal definition for a call, and this is an absolute necessary if the organization wants to improve. Knowing the exact number of calls that reps make will lead to better and more accurate analysis for sales force optimization.

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