Cutting down on sales rep drive times

When it comes to business, everybody knows “time is money.”

For the hard-working sales rep, this means driving long hours to meet clients. With that in mind, minimizing drive times (or ‘windshield time’ as some may say) is critical in maximizing the bottom line and boosting rep moral. The best way to do both is to set territory borders around natural boundaries.

Below, you can see a territory map of Colorado. Even if you do not have professional geography skills, you’d know that the Rocky Mountains bound the west side of the state—and many know it is very challenging to drive through this particular mountain range.

As pictured below, the rep in the green territory has to cross several mountains to make it from one side to another. The opposite applies for the rep assigned in the blue territory. Needless to say, the blue territory is far easier to navigate compared to the green territory—which means the setup is probably unfair for those assigned in the latter region.

As earlier said, driving long distances to meet with clients affect the bottom line (especially for reps). As they spend more time driving, they have less time to sell products.

There are two ways to fix this issue: we can adjust the territory design in order to minimize drive times for your reps or we can buy a plane or a helicopter so they can just fly over the mountain range. Now, the second option may not be too practical—so, let’s settle for the first one!


Sales Rep Drive Times vertical

One easy adjustment that can be made to both territories is to flip them from north/south to east/west territories. Refer to the screenshot below to see this adjustment in detail. By making this simple modification to the territory design, you split the burden of drive times between the territories—allowing for a fairer and more efficient system.


Sales Rep Drive Times horizontal

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