Sales Force Size

The sales force is often one of the main drivers of sales growth, but sales reps are expensive. So finding the right size for the sales force is a critical question: if it’s too large you’ll be carrying too much cost; if it’s too small the business won’t grow as quickly as it could. The sales force size is also a highly charged topic in all companies because any change is visible and directly impacts the lives of everyone who is affected.

If you are expanding your sales force, or under pressure to cut headcount, you owe it to the reps and to the business to carry out a proper analysis of what is really needed. You need to come to a conclusion that is backed up by facts and will not need to be changed in the coming years.

This is where Cozmix can help. Our approach is uniquely collaborative. We combine deep analytics with processes that ensure everyone’s voice is heard. The outcome is a decision that everyone understands (and hopefully everyone can support).

Call Cozmix to discuss your business objectives and get a demonstration of how other companies have sized their sales forces.

One-On-One Discussion

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