Sales Force Optimization Solutions

Here are some of the questions that Cozmix is able to answer for you (all are from past projects):

  • Do I have the right number of reps?
  • Is the sales force structure still appropriate for my portfolio of products?
  • How much selling time should we put against our new product launch?
  • What will be the impact of losing a key product? Will we need to downsize?
  • A competitor is launching a new product next year – should we add reps, downsize, restructure or re-allocate the sales force?
  • I know I need to add sales reps but how do I justify them to my boss?  He wants concrete sales and profit forecasts… HELP!
  • I’ve just taken over responsibility for a sales force.  I am not sure if I have the right team size or team structure and I’m really not sure the reps are focusing on the right products or customer segments.  I need a quick diagnostic to know where to begin!

If these sound familiar, or if you have other sales force strategy questions, we can help.  Give us a call (+1-321-251-1300) or drop us a note and we’ll set up a no obligation call to discuss possible solutions.

If you would like to find out more, take a look at the case studies below, and explore the website to learn more about our sales force software solutions (CallMix for planning, SizeMix for sizing and optimization).

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