Sales Force Optimization Technology

Cozmix has developed a range of SFO technology. These tools help us, and our clients, carry out deep analysis quickly and efficiently. The technology handles the details, freeing up the project team to focus on the big picture issues.


SizeMix optimizes the headcount and effort allocations across brands and customer segments. It’s highly visual and enables Cozmix to deliver analysis at speed.

Key Features:

  • Proprietary, domain specific, high speed optimization engine
  • Multi-year optimization of effort allocation and team size
  • Real-world constraints can be incorporated into the model
  • Dynamically compare any scenario against any other scenario
  • “What-If” analysis is used to test the sensitivity of the modelling
  • High-impact charts can be exported for use in presentations
  • Import and export Excel reports¬†
Sales Force Optimization Technology


CallMix manages the planning of the high-level deployment of the sales force. It can take even the most complex team structure and model the allocation of selling effort across the brands and across the customer segments. It is used by Cozmix in consulting projects and can also be licensed for ongoing analysis by end-users.

Key Features:

  • Modules for reach and frequency, days-on-territory, and rep financials
  • Drag-and-drop cycle planning
  • Instant feedback showing allocation of effort across brands and customers
  • Export high-impact charts for presentations
  • Two-way synchronization with Excel
CallMix - Workload Build-up & Cycle Planning


AlignMix is the leading sales territory design solution with over 6,000 users. It excels in power and ease of use. 

Key Features:

  • Three levels of aggregation (e.g. territories, districts and regions)
  • Super-easy TouchAlign tool: use your mouse to “smudge” the territory boundary and get instant feedback about the impact on the territories
  • Lasso and circle select give you the precision when realigning account and geography
  • Can easily cope with geography based alignments (e.g. zip code), account based, and mixed geography and account based.
  • Show the boundary of other alignments on any map
  • Thematic analysis
  • Export to Google MyMaps to share alignments online
  • Import and export data and report via Excel
  • Batch export maps and reports
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AlignMix 2019 - Sales Territory Mapping