Using Compelling Messages for Sales Pitches

What is a compelling message and why does it matter? Well, it is simply a message that grabs the reader’s/listener’s attention and holds on to it. This is of utmost importance when it comes to detailing products for clients.

If you do not have a compelling message, then you won’t be able to command attention for your products. The best sales reps carry these messages, and those reps who do not have them want to get them. Sales reps need these messages to break through the crocodile brain.

Another important point to remember is that these messages need to be true! It needs to be so true that honest competitors would have no choice but to agree with the statement. Lying through these key messages would affect your credibility—which, ultimately, destroys your chance of landing a sale.

Here are some examples:

  • Product A is so effective that every client we visit wants to buy our entire stock.
  • Product B contains this new microchip that is, literally, two years ahead of the competition. You won’t need any upgrades or updates to keep up.
  • Product C is the newest product on the market. Currently, it is exclusively available through direct sales to clients only—since we have opted not to use other channels of distribution.
  • Product D is twice as fast as the leading competitor and we can prove it.

These are just basic examples of compelling messages.

These messages are necessary to compel potential buyers! I understand that it is very difficult to craft compelling messages for old products. But that does not mean other products in the portfolio can’t have compelling key messages.

Remember, the message needs to grab your client’s attention and hold on to it through the course of the sales pitch. Make sure these statements are honest and do not stretch the truth—doing so, prevents legal consequences and keeps your company’s reputation intact.

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