Conronavirus Special Event: Optimize Your Sales Force for Free During April 2020

Joint Event by Cozmix & AboutME

Optimize your sales force for free using Cozmix’s state-of-the-art tools during the pandemic. For the month of April we’re providing pharmaceutical companies complimentary license and training so they can come out of this crisis with a good understanding of the optimal sales force size, structure and allocation of resources (and possibly learn a new skill).

Here’s how it will work:

  • Sign-up using the form provided
  • We will send you details of how to download and install Cozmix’s sales force optimization suite of tools
  • The first introductory session will be on Friday April 3rd at 10 am São Paulo / 9 am US Eastern 
  • Follow-up group training sessions will be provided throughout April
  • You will be given free access to Cozmix’s extensive online training videos
  • You can book 30 minute sessions with Cozmix to answer any specific questions about your situation.
  • If you follow along then by the end of April you will have optimized the size, structure and resource allocation for your sales teams, backed up by solid financial forecasts for each scenario 
  • All sessions will be in English

Note: all of your data resided only on your machine — we don’t access any of your data. Nevertheless, if you want to ask company-specific questions we have prepared a confidentiality agreement that you can download here