How Cozmix Works with Clients

Cozmix takes a flexible approach to working with clients.  We understand that clients have different needs, budgets, and support structures. We also have tools that are designed to be used by local markets and not just consultants.

Sales Force Size ConsultingConsulting Projects:

Cozmix’ heritage is in consulting.  We have worked on sales force strategy projects for clients in over 35 countries.  Our consulting projects have several advantages and benefits:

  • Cozmix knows about sales forces – that is all we focus on
  • We have the skills to facilitate workshops
  • Our consultants are impartial and can provide a strong external challenge to the business
  • We know our own software and how to get the most from it

Software Licensing & Capability Building:

The core techniques for sizing and optimizing a sales force have been around since the late 70s.  Because these approaches are  proven, many companies want to bring them in-house. They don’t want to be reliant on consultants to re-run scenarios.  They value the independence of being able to analyze their business themselves.  Cozmix understands this.  We have developed SizeMix and CallMix precisely for this purpose.

The main advantages of licensing Cozmix’ technology is:

  • Embeds leading edge analysis into the standard planning process
  • Faster project turnaround (once trained)
  • Enables more frequent analysis and more “what-if” type analysis
  • Empowers the local organization
  • More cost effective
  • Not dependent upon third-party consultants

Hybrid Consulting & Software Licensing:

Some organizations are not ready to take the sales force strategy analysis completely in-house. That is not a problem.  We can provide technical and business support when needed.

Some clients prefer Cozmix to run a full Sales Force Optimization project every three years.  They see the value in having an external team facilitate and challenge their assumptions, but they also like being able to access Cozmix’ software themselves between projects.

Call us today (+1-(321)-251-1300) to have a no-obligations discussion about what is most appropriate for your business.

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