Global Sales Force Resource Assessment

Globale Sales Force StrategyAre you responsible for sales operations globally or regionally (e.g. Europe)? Are you not sure where to start? Do you need a process to quickly identify the opportunities (and weaknesses) across your markets. If so, read on…

Get a Clear View Across All Markets

It’s often difficult to know exactly where the opportunities lie. The picture is clouded by politics and past performance. How would you like to step back and see the big picture? Use peer group reviews and cold hard demographic facts to challenge the status quo. It quickly becomes apparent who are stars (and who are “not” stars).

Global Sales Force SizingIdentify the Opportunities

By focusing on the opportunities to build the business you will see the local teams’ visions. Some teams thrive on being asked about how they will utilize extra sales force resource. They know exactly where the opportunities are and they would cherish the opportunity to go after them. Other teams are positively frightened at the prospect of addition resources. They know the price taget for additional resources is usually higher sales targets. And many teams have never even thought of adding additional resources. They just want to plod along as they always have done.

Would you like a process which challenges each team to think outside of their comfort zone as to what might be possible?

Customer Segmentation for Each MarketDrill Down to the Customer Segmentation

The customer segmentation is the foundations of virtually all sales force analysis and optimization. By drilling down to each market’s customer segments you will be able to quickly see the strengths and weaknesses of each market’s approach to managing their sales force. From past experience  the quickest way to assess the level of direction and leadership of a local market is to delve into the customer coverage and frequency plans. You will be able to plainly see the how well the sales reps are managed.

Fact Based Comparison of Markets

Compare and contrast the markets against each other using objective measures. The measures include demographics, wealth, purchasing power and economic growth. In addition challenge the status quo by comparing the team size and performance of key competitors across the markets. For example, why is competitor “X” so much larger than is in Germany but smaller in France?


At the end of a Global Sales Force Analysis you will have:

  • Identified markets which are over or under resourced (and by how much)
  • Quantified the impact and ROI of additional resources
  • A full set of financials (showing incremental investment, sales and profit), to support any change
  • Prioritize markets for further analysis

From here most clients then carry out a full in-market analysis to build the local buy-in for any changes.

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