Cozmix Games

Cozmix has the commercial rights to sell licensing rights to the source code of the following games. If you are interested in licensing the code for one of your downloadable or online gaming projects please contact Cozmix.

Maverick Chess:


Maverick is a bitboard based chess engine which plays at a 2320 ELO on the CCRL scale.

  • Board is internally represented as a series of bitboards
  • Moderately comprehensive evaluation function
  • Special endgame knowledge to handle known endings
  • All code is 100% unique and written in ‘C’

You can download a UCI version of Maverick Chess, or Contact Cozmix for details of how you can license the code for use in your own chess game

Monarch Chess:

Monarch is a standard chess engine in the sense that it uses well know algorithms to search for the best moves.

All of Monarch’s code is written in ‘C’ and is 100% original – it’s not based on any other program. The basic design elements consist of:

  • Board is internally represented as an array (version 1.0 used bitboards and a pre-generated move table)
  • Piece square tables for the evaluation function
  • PVS search
  • Quiescent search with checks searched at the first ply (occasionally at deeper plies)
  • Hash tables with a depth replacement and always replace scheme
  • Move ordering based on hash table, Static Exchange Evaluation, killers and history statistics
  • Null move (R=3)
  • Enhanced Transposition Cutoff (ETC)
  • Internal Iterative Deepening (IID)

You can download a UCI version of Monarch Chess, or Contact Cozmix for details of how you can license the code for use in your own chess game


Edge Reversi:

For the technically minded, Edge Reversi uses an alpha-beta search with selective extension. The evaluation function was created from a database of 10,000 games and includes mobility, potential mobility, disc count, X/C square, stability and basic parity. The development language is Borland Delphi; in my opinion the best development l language for the PC (the Reversi board and engine are actually Delphi components!).

You can download it here – Edge Reversi. Contact Cozmix if you would like to license Edge Reversi to use in your own application