Consumer Health

Consumer healthcare sales forces are different. They share characteristics of both pharmaceutical sales forces and consumer-packaged-goods sales forces.  In many global markets the consumer health sales reps are calling on physicians, in the hope of securing their recommendation. This is similar to the selling activity of a pharmaceutical sales reps. But Consumer Health team also call on pharmacies, where they will speak with the pharmacist and also ensure the brands are well placed on the shelves. This is closer to the activities of a consumer-packaged-goods rep.

When optimizing a Consumer Health sales force these differences, and the local market structure, must be well understood when designing the project. Cozmix has the experience to partner with you and navigate these issues to deliver your business objectives.

Consumer Health Sales Force Optimization

Consumer Health Sales Force Optimization Solutions

Sales Force Design

Take an integrated approach to designing your sales force - ensure you have the right size, structure, and resource allocation to meet the needs of your brands and customers

Customer Segmentation

Develop customer segments that will enable your sales force to focus their selling effort where it will have the most impact

Sales Territory Design

Create sales territories that are balanced and aligned to the future vision of the company

Resource Optimization

Target the right customers, with the right brands, at the right frequency to maximize the long-term profits of the business

Sales Force Size

Leverage a robust process to determine the rational size for your sales force (don't guess!)

Merger Integration

Bring two or more sales teams together and ensure the combined business is sized, structured and resource allocated to maximize the profits on the new business

Launch Planning

Maximize the likelihood of your next big launch being a success. Ensure it has the right level of resource without detrimentally impacting the rests of the portfolio

Response Analytics

Leverage the latest modelling techniques to understand the cause-and-effect relationships that are impacting your business

Global Reach

Cozmix has completed successful Sales Force Optimization projects for Consumer Health companies in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, and Australia.


One-on-One Discussion

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