Sales Force Planning

Are you responsible for planning your sales force’s activity?  Are you looking for a tool to help you manage the cycle priorities and evaluate exactly where you are investing your valuable sales force effort?  If so, CallMix may be for you…

Sales Force Cycle PlanSales Activity & Product Priority Planning

As all good sales managers will tell you, it is impossible to promote all of the products to every customer in each visit.  To solve this problem many companies create a Sales Activity Plan, also known as a Cycle Plan, Detailing Plan, Cycle Grid or Promotional Grid.  This sets out the priorities for each customer at different times during the year.  The most common form of Sales Activity Plan is a quarterly plan which follows the seasons.

CallMix is the only tool on the market for designing Sales Activity Plans.  It provides the user with a simple drag-and-drop framework for creating Activity Plans.

Most companies use a spreadsheet to capture and store the Activity Plan.  This is possible, but since spreadsheets are three dimensional (sheets, columns and rows), whereas Activity Plans are five dimensional (teams, customers, years, cycles and positions), it’s always a bit of a squeeze.  It can be done – it’s just not easy, and the difficulty is highlighted when you try to add a cycle.  Using CallMix this type of change is simple!

Sales Force Size Workload BuildupAnalyze and Plan Your Customer Coverage & Call Frequency

CallMix provides an easy to use interface to analyze the selling activity against each customer segment.  Allocate calls to different customer segments and instantly see the impact on the overall sales effort allocation. Ensure every plan balances the proposed call activity with the sales force call capacity.  And decide on the product focus for each team throughout the year.

Globale Sales Force StrategyCreate Consistent Sales Force Plans Across Multiple Countries

If you are responsible for sales operations across multiple countries then CallMix offers you the ability to have a consistent framework for global sales force planning.  This means when you visit one of your affiliates you can instantly see how they are segmenting and prioritizing their customers  as well as their planned selling activity against each product.  Most companies cannot do this consistently.  As a result, when executives visit, most of the discussions are about past sales performance.  This is important but future sales activity is what will drive future performance.  CallMix offers a framework which delivers the data in a format that facilitates these discussions.

Sales Force Activity Based CostingActivity-Based-Costing for Your Sales Force

CallMix calculates the exact sales force investment in each product or customer segment.  In accounting speak this is “Activity Based Costing” or ABC.  You can use this output from CallMix to create product level Profit & Loss statements which include the sales force activity.  CallMix is the easiest way to calculate and update the sales force investment calculation.

Sales Force Planning ToolsTake The Tedium Out of Sales Force Planning

The task of planning your sales force activity can be tedious, but when you use CallMix most of the mind-numbingly boring aspects are taken care of automatically. For example, use drag-and-drop to copy data from one customer group to another.  Link together customers who have the same activity plan so that one change is replicated across all customer types.  Or copy data forward from the current year to future years (which is normally a great starting point for next year’s plan).

Sales Force Planning ExcelExport To Excel

Create high impact reports by exporting your plan to Microsoft Excel.

Synchronize with Excel

CallMix supports two-way synchronization with Excel.  This means you can export your data to Excel, adjust the data in Excel and then re-import back into CallMix.  This means that you can delegate the task of data collection to anyone who has access to Excel or an Excel compatible spreadsheet.

Sales Force PlanningExport and Optimize Using SizeMix

CallMix exports your sales force plan to SizeMix where you can perform sophisticated sales force sizing and resource allocation.  With all of your sales force plans updated in CallMix the time required to carry out a full analysis of the sales force using SizeMix is dramatically reduced.

Contact us or call today (+1-321-251-1300) to arrange a demonstration of CallMix and a no-obligation discussion about how Cozmix can help you plan your sales force activity.

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