Building a Sales Force Optimization Capability

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One off events can trigger a review of the sales force size.  However, smaller events, or possible events, also need to be analyzed in the context of sales force size.  For example, if you are a multinational pharmaceutical company, you may get a request to evaluate a new product which HQ is thinking of licensing globally.  You are asked for sales forecasts and analysis to support how you would integrate it into the current portfolio of products.  This is not an uncommon request.  Of course to carry out a full analysis you will need to assess not only the level of sales force support, but also where the support will come from.  Will the effort be in the form of additional reps, or will the effort be re-allocated from other products?  This means you need to analyze the direct sales and profit for the new product as well as the opportunity cost to the current portfolio.  This is not trivial.  Wouldn’t it be great if you had the tools to carry this out in-house quickly and easily?  Cozmix can provide the tools and the training to make this a reality.  CallMix can help you manage your sales force effort allocation.  SizeMix can run the financials and optimize the sales force based on any set of new assumptions.

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