AlignMix 2019 - Sales Territory MappingCozmix is pleased to announce the immediate availability of AlignMix 2019, their powerful sales territory mapping software. The new version is a major upgrade and builds on the user-friendly and powerful capabilities of previous versions of AlignMix.

The new features include the following:

  • Three levels of data aggregation (normally territories, districts and regions)
  • Tables view can be customized and is available for territories, districts and regions
  • Data import process is now much easier
  • Management of personnel module
  • Import sales roster table
  • TouchAlign changes the boundaries at all three levels
  • Polygon Lasso and Circle Select tools selects zip codes, territories, districts and regions
  • Compactness and area statistics for territories, districts and regions
  • Radial menu to query properties of territories, districts and regions
  • Export territories, districts and regions as KML file for importing into Google MyMaps for sharing, or into Tableau for further analysis

This builds on the core features found in previous versions of AlignMix:

  • Super-easy TouchAlign tool makes territory design as simple as finger painting
  • Super-fast-multi-core map rendering engine for a smooth user experience
  • Up-to-date zip code and county boundary data
  • Old to new zip code matching
  • Thematic analysis tools
  • 40+ international data pack (licensed separately)

For large companies Cozmix now also offers Multi-User licenses, providing a single Multi-User ID and Multi-User Activation Key. This enables companies with Multi-User licenses to install AlignMix 2019 on the machines of any employees within the US and Canada.

Cozmix also launched a high-quality data pack containing Canadian Forward Sortation Areas (FSAs). This provides the latest boundary data for Canada. The Canadian FSA data can be license for a one-off fee for each AlignMix user.

Steve Maughan, President of Cozmix said, “AlignMix 2019 is a major milestone. By adding the third level of sales data aggregation, AlignMix can now map, analyze and redesign the sales territories and management structures of the most complex sales forces. We’ve worked hard to ensure AlignMix maintains its reputation as the easy-to-use sales territory mapping solution. Customers have welcomed the changes and the innovation that’s been brought to sales territory design and mapping”.

For more information about AlignMix 2019 click here to see all of the sales territory design and mapping features, or go to the website to download your 14-day-fully-functional trial of AlignMix 2019.

Please note that Google MyMaps and Tableau are trademarks of Google and Tableau respectively. Cozmix is not affiliated in any way with Google, Tableau or any of their affiliates.

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