Are you uncertain about your sales force's direction? Find out how you can have clear, actionable recommendations for your sales force's design and deployment (in record time).

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Learn how you can improve your sales force strategy, planning and deployment

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  • Sales Force Size

    Work with Cozmix to establish the right sales force size for your business and secure approval to implement the necessary changes.

  • Sales Territory Design

    Robust process to create properly designed sales territories that maximize coverage and minimize drive-time.

  • Customer Segmentation

    Create customer segments that will enable your sales reps to focus their efforts on the right customers (and stop wasting time on low potential customers).

  • Building Analytical Capabilities

    Empower your company and its local markets to carry out sophisticated sales force analysis without being dependent upon third-party consultants (and why we believe this is the future).

  • Global Sales Force Headcount Optimization

    Quickly identify and prioritize opportunities and weaknesses in your global sales force resource.