AlignMix 2019 - Sales Territory Mapping

Sales Territory Design

Make sure your sales territories are properly designed to maximize field productivity and minimize travel time

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Sales Force Optimization: Making the MOst of The Sales Force You Already Have

Sales Force Optimization Technology

Cozmix has invested years of development time to create some of the leading Sales Force Optimization solutions. The technology enables Cozmix to deliver deep high-quality solutions in record fast time.

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Sales Force Optimization Technology
Create Buy-in For Your Sales Force Optimization Decisions

Collaborative Approach

Cozmix understands that ultimately Sales Force Optimization is not about the analysis or the process, it is all about making good rational decisions that are backed up by facts, and broadly support throughout the organization. This is why we place so much emphasis on creating collaborative approaches to Sales Force Optimization challenges.

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Deep Expertise

Cozmix does not try to be a general consultancy. Our expertise is in Sales Force Optimization. Over the years we have seen a wide range of challenges. We have seen what works (and what doesn’t). Coupled with our external view of the business, we leverage this experience to help our clients navigate some of the trickiest business challenges.

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Tools to Optimize Your Sales Force

Latest News & Insights

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